Your Wedding Day

By Manny

That special day is looming closer and closer and there are still some things that have to  be taken care of.  For one you have yet to book your photographer. So where do you start?

In this day and age finding and hiring a photographer has taken a whole new twist. It used to be word of mouth or some kind of buzz that had been created about a certain photographer.  Now with the internet, especially with social media, all that has changed. Brides and grooms still consult their friends and relatives but that is just a  part of what their decision will be based on. How do they therefore decide who will be the best photographer for them in this age of information overload?

People still have to be careful as to who they pick to capture the moments of that special day. There is a lot  to consider. Following is a list of questions you should ask yourself, your family and friends as well as the photographers you are considering.

  • Is this photographer’s style in tune with the way I would like my wedding to be photographed?
  • Do I feel comfortable with him or her?
  • What are other people who have already used him or her saying?
  • How will he present himself that day?
  • Is he/she up front in regard to the cost or are there additional fees that will be added to the package post wedding?
  • What is his/her dress code?

Try to acquire as much information about  the photographer you are considering of hiring. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Check out a few photographers and  see what they are all about but not to many. You can keep notes and secretly rate them if you are having a hard time.

Price should not be the deciding factor when it come to your pictures. You will end up getting what you pay for. The pictures are what will remain regardless of how much money you spend. If you decide to skimp on quality because of the price then it would be like you took x amount and threw away. On the other hand if you are happy then the higher cost will be secondary.



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