Our little one’s baptism

By Manny

Every now and then something special happens in ones life that makes everything you have done and sacrificed for worth while. This is the case for myself and my family. Eight months ago a little boy was born. That little boy is my grandson. For every parent and grandparent for that matter, their own children and grand children are the cutest in the world, and they are.

Every baby has its own charm and every parent can sense it, can feel it and can see it. Little Emmanuel (Manolaki) is no exception. He is adorable, cute, huggable and an all round good baby. My daughter Sophia and her husband John are blessed to have such a wonderful little boy. He is loved by all who meet him.

His baptism was held at the Greek Orthodox church Kostandinos and Eleni in Montreal’s West Island. The priest, a kind and gentle man, Father Lambrose performed the baptism.

The reception was at Olympia receptions on St.Johns street in the West Island. It was a very elegant looking hall

The Godparents , George and Voula are two amazing and wonderful people. They were proud to be the Godparents of little Emmanuel. George gave a heartwarming speech which touched us all.

The party would not be a party without music and that was nicely taken care of by Johnnymix. People danced, people partied and the music made it happen.






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