Manny Simantirakis is my name and I am the owner and operator of Sima Photo. My specialty is photographing the special moments in people’s lives. Be it weddings, portraits or children photography, lifestyle is what it’s all about. With an extensive career in the field I have met a variety of people from all walks of life.

Through those years I have yet to find one person that did not photograph well. My love and passion for photography has enabled me to embrace those that I have photographed with compassion and understanding.

I work out of Montreal and  have photographed weddings as far away as New York, Ottawa and Toronto and throughout the Quebec region.

If you are looking through my website I presume you are looking for a photographer to capture some special event or moment in your life. You may be looking for portraiture or lifestyle photography for either yourself or a loved one.  Amongst the special moments to consider are occasions such as a wedding an engagement a baptism, a 50th or 25th anniversary just to name a few. Other ideas to consider may be a portrait for your significant other for Valentine’s Day or a fashion shoot. Some times  though we just want to do something for ourselves  just because it feels good and we deserve it and there is nothing wrong with that. Some ideas on that note may be you and your car or your bike, or a boudoir session.

I offer stunning magazine style albums in a variety of sizes as well as wall portraits or digital files. Take a look at my work and if you have any questions about my services please do not hesitate to contact me. Giving and sharing is what photography is all about. Thank you and please share.


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